Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sigh. I have now faced it, and it is true. I am unemployed.

Strangely, I have been fortunate that this is the first time in 30 yrs. From my first job in Grade 6, a paperboy delivering the Lethbridge Herald, working demolition and construction with my grandfather in high school, re-inking typewriter ribbons, and working as an airport technician in college, through the NovAtel days, my own business, Texas, and now Alabama, I have not been out of work. A very strange experience!

I want to sit with it a while longer, which is foreign to me in itself, however the US immigration nightmare, the lack of unemployment insurance entitlement (even though I paid into it), and no health care coverage, motive me to find a job. We have an emergency fund for this eventuality, so strangely the lack of money is not the primary concern.

Also for the above reasons, continuing to live in the US is not a top priority either. We have lived here for 10 years and are still struggling to jump through the hoops for permanent residence. People die here and/or bankrupt their families because insurance coverage is woefully inadequate. The political system whether your in California, Alabama, or Washington, is completely stalled. Food quality, an ineffective FDA, and the ubiquitous use of high fructose corn syrup is causing health epidemics due to ecoli contamination, and high rates of obesity. The US has a huge target painted on it, and it's people are shooting each other for political causes, and it's hard to find a good hockey game with out an expensive TV subscription!

Canada has it's problems too. You might die waiting in line for health services. Both you and your wife need to work at lower wages to pay the taxes. The tar sands are a huge environmental disaster that our children will need to deal with later. The oil economy is creating widespread inflation and overpopulation of our once sleepy little towns. Gang violence is at an all time high. And, I'm pretty sure I'd be frustrated with the Canadian complacency and political correctness.

So I don't know what we will do. What I do know is I want to build a life where my family is together and happy. Where I can help my kids with their homework and go to their soccer games and recitals. I want to work with Catherine again. I want to have time for exercise, breath clean air, and eat healthily. I want to engage myself in a career that fosters creativity, integrity, strong communication, and respect. That's all.


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