Saturday, January 22, 2011

Biscotti Experiment

Mya and I decided to make cookies yesterday. She wanted white chocolate in them. We found some raw almonds in the cupboard too, and settled on Biscotti after sampling some store bought cookies we found.


Googling, "Chocolate Almond Biscotti Recipe", we settled on this. After preheating the oven to 350, we sprayed a pan lightly with cooking spray and spread out raw almonds instead of blanched. When they started to smell nice, we took them out and let them cool, then chopped them roughly. Using confectioners sugar instead of granulated, the egg/sugar mixture reached the desired consistency in about 30 seconds. Along with the flour and leavening we threw in a tablespoon of cocoa for extra chocolaty taste. This batter really gives a mixer a workout, so I recommend you use a good food processor or finish with some hand mixing to keep from letting out your mixer's magic smoke. Fold in the almonds and white chocolate chips. We didn't have parchment paper, so just sprayed a pan and shaped the biscotti log onto it.


The bottom of the biscotti was slightly burnt even before the top was done. We used a clean bright aluminum pan, so it should have been ok. Maybe the cocoa added too much pigment to the batter, so I'll try dropping the temp to 300 or 325 next time, start checking for browning at 40 minute, and reduce the baking time after cut to 5 minutes per side.


I found the taste to be a bit eggy, which was surprising considering there are only 2 eggs. Maybe bad eggs, but they appeared fresh when cracked. I will try whipping up 3 egg whites next time instead of 2 whole eggs. Otherwise the taste and texture were perfect. The best part was the roasted almonds. The white chocolate held it's shape and flavors seemed balanced and not too sweet.

Until next time....


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