Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creating a Character

Why do we write and what makes what we write interesting to others?  This is the question I ask myself not looking for a contrite "42" but something of substance.

I have stories to write and don't know where to start.  In one mind I feel I should follow the sage advice of the great Yoda, "Do or don't, there is no try". Then the other says, learn everything you can about the mechanics of writing before passing go.

In many ways the beauty of art is best experienced through the eyes of an amateur.  The watercolor flower your daughter brought home from school, or a mauve colored Coq au Vin made with red wine instead of white.  Compare this to the stilted playing of a student with a piano and you know what I mean.

My bias thus is to start the journey from scratch, picking up thread and yarns along the way to stitch my tapestry with all the loops, plot holes, and errant patterns it brings.

This forum serves the purpose of exploring ideas and hopefully engages my family and friends in interesting conversations as we meet along the way.

In the beginning...


ps. Say something.

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