Saturday, November 27, 2010


Out shopping for Christmas gifts yesterday, I chanced upon a book my family would clearly enjoy.  Mya and Lucas love building things - especially Mya.  Lucas uses his Brain Box regularity and Mya loves the Marble Run, and when I'm in the garage, there's a voice from behind saying, "whatch doin'?"

The book is called Make Your Own Contraptions: Design and Build 50 Marvelous Machines ISBN 978-0715328064.

 It is full of pulleys, inclined slopes, cantilevers, 2 litre plastic coke bottles, wood blocks, and bricks - everything you need to turn on light switches, launch rockets, and turn pages in books.

I think the only one who won't love this book is Catherine, as it is bound to make a mess ;>


  1. I don't care if there's a mess; I only care that whoever made it, cleans it up :) Also, for the record, I adore book messes.

  2. Great idea! We will use books instead of bricks and leave the mess.