Sunday, June 19, 2011

Total Nuclear Annihilation

This morning I had a good laugh Googling the correct spelling of Grey Poupon.  This YouTube video of an assumed teenager microwaving a plastic container full, is utterly senseless, yet, for some reason, brings me reams of laughter.  What I enjoyed most is the barely contained excitement, a manic giddiness, as something of value is destroyed.  This appears to be the same giddiness exhibited in photos of the Vancouver riots.

What is that aspect of human nature that has an entire school fill a courtyard with the buzz of an anticipated fight?  Why do we enjoy the UFC with blood spattered across the canvas?  How can we standby with un-contained glee as someone's private property goes up in flames?  Doesn't look good for the future of the human race does it?

Fascinating.... well as I sip my coffee and annihilate a slice of fresh homemade bread, here are a few other 'nuclear destructions'.  This might be better than 'Girls on Trampolines'.

Bottle of dry ice in the microwave
Nintendo 3DS
Gotta do the peeps ;)

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